369 District

Steering Through the Regulatory Maze

Venture into the Compliance Zone, where adherence to a myriad of evolving regulations is our forte. Focusing on AI and ML technologies, we adjust to global shifts, ensuring a secure and compliant environment while liaising with authorities.

Navigating Compliance in a
Decentralized World

In the Compliance Zone, we navigate the intricate landscape of regulations, integrating AI and ML to stay ahead.
We specialize in adapting to global changes, fostering security, and maintaining open communication with
regulatory bodies.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with Crypto and Web3 Regulations
Adapting Policies to Global Regulatory Shifts
Focusing on both existing and emerging regulations.


Smart Contract Review and Auditing

Reviewing smart contracts for legal compliance.
Collaborating with development teams for secure design.
Implementing best practices in smart contract design.


Privacy and Data Protection

GDPR Compliance in Decentralized Apps
Policies for Safeguarding Personal and Sensitive Data
Focusing on privacy within a decentralized framework.


Intellectual Property Protection

Advising on intellectual property rights in Web3 content.
Strategies for Protection in Decentralized Environments
Focusing on NFTs and open-source software.


AML and KYC Compliance

Decentralized Services Adhering to AML and KYC
Monitoring transactions to report suspicious activities.
Enforcing Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Laws


Dispute Resolution and Litigation Support

Providing legal support in disputes related to decentralized transactions.
Engaging in decentralized arbitration for dispute resolution.
Assistance with Smart Contracts and Web3


Risk Management and Assessment

Identifying legal risks associated with Web3 activities.
Mitigating Compliance and Litigation Risk Strategically
Assessing potential legal challenges and risks.


Education and Training

Educating stakeholders on legal aspects of Web3 technologies.
Training for Understanding Compliance Requirements
Promoting Decentralized Regulations Understanding Globally


Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

Engaging with regulators to ensure alignment with legal requirements.
Advocating Favorable Web3 Regulations and Policies
Maintaining open communication with government bodies.


Ethical Considerations Framework

Advising on ethical considerations such as fairness and inclusivity.
Ensuring company practices align with accepted ethical standards.
Prioritizing Responsible Innovation in Decentralized Community


Worldwide Monitoring Initiatives

Keeping track of changes in global regulatory landscapes.
Adjusting company policies according to international standards.
Ensuring global compliance in the decentralized finance sector.


Policy Development and Maintenance

Creating and maintaining policies to safeguard information.
Regularly updating policies to stay compliant with current laws.
Ensuring the protection of both personal and sensitive data.