369 District

Our Story

Recognizing the gaps in conventional accelerator processes,
we embarked on a mission to craft an accelerator that's
more than just a program — it's a partnership.
Our Journey
From understanding the pitfalls of traditional acceleration processes to sculpting a program that embraces a startup's uniqueness, our trajectory is one of innovation and care.
Our Edge
While others box you in, we elevate and expand your horizons. Experience the true synthesis of global insights and personalized strategies.
Our Mission
To ignite and empower every startup, enabling them to surpass their potential and redefine industry standards.

Our Vision

We envision a future where technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit break down barriers and create opportunities.

Our Commitment

Every startup embodies a vision, and we're dedicated to transforming each one into a tangible reality with unwavering commitment.

Our Promise

Partnering with us means you're not just any startup; you become THE standout startup, uniquely poised for success and distinction.

Our Approach at District 369 is Holistic and Tailored

We're committed to creating a nurturing environment for startups. Our approach includes dedicated mentors and comprehensive platforms. Through meticulous evaluation and expert guidance, we craft a clear growth roadmap. This ensures that each startup's unique vision is transformed into a thriving reality, backed by the support and resources needed to navigate the challenging terrain of entrepreneurship. Your success is our mission.

Integrity. Excellence.

At District 369, we believe that our shared values guide us to
inspire change and make a lasting impact.

As We take an Oath,

Every stage

Every challenge

Every triumph

We're with you.